Amanda Griffey Family

I’m Amanda Griffey,

farmHer, mother, and homeschool mom. My husband Thomas and I farm with his family on our mutli-family, multi-generational, diversified farming operation in east central Indiana. We raise beef cattle, corn, soybeans, hay, and also operate a feed and farm supply store.

While this life can be both physically and emotionally demanding,  we both grew up farming and knew this is the way we wanted to raise our family. This lifestyle has so many everyday blessings-blessings that inspire me to capture them in my art.

The scenery, values, and traditions of farm and rural life are something that only those of us raised or living this lifestyle truly understand. I strive to capture this lifestyle in an accurate, authentic way, while highlighting why farm and ranch life is a beautiful, wonderful, life.


About the Art

As a midwestern farm wife in love with farm life, my work captures the values and traditions of farm, ranch, and rural living through scenes such as weathered old barns, rusty tractors, and farm children following in the footsteps of the generations that came before them. Farm and ranch living creates a special connection with the created and the Creator, also inspiring images such as horses, cattle, and rural landscapes.

As any farmer or rancher knows, small details can have significant impact on their operation. Therefore I strive for accuracy in my work by usisng mediums such as graphite, colored pencil, and pastel. These mediums not only allow me to create fine details, but as dry mediums, they allow me to pick them up and put them down at a moments notice, should my farm duties call me away from the studio.

I hope you enjoy an authentic peek inside the beauty of farm and ranch living through the eyes of an artist farm wife.