Amanda Griffey Family

Farm Girl, Wife, and Mother

Amanda Griffey grew up in a small, rural Indiana town, spending most of her time on family farms; her maternal grandparents dairy farm, and her paternal grandparents hog farm. Spending so much time on family farms forged in her a deep love for agriculture, and an appreciation for the vision of those who establish farms and homesteads and the hard work and perseverance it takes to see those visions come to life.  Since her farm experience has always been from a generational family farm, it has also given her a deep love for family and preserving family heritage.

Her artwork strives to embody the legacy of the family farm. Images that portray the hope of  harvest or a misty sunrise, the perserverance through years of hard work that weathered wood or rust represent, and the heartwarming scenes of children following in their  family footsteps carrying on the legacy and traditions of farming. Amanda brings an authenticity to her work that can only be found by someone who lives, and loves, this way of life.

Amanda currently works and resides with her husband Thomas and their sons Joseph and Joshua, on their family’s diversified farming operation, just minutes from where she grew up.

Farm Boys Toys Pencil Drawing
Old grain elevator
Boy in semi hauling hay
two farm boys playing barnyard basketball under a pole light at dusk after unloading a wagon of hay into the hay mow of a barn

About the Art

Amanda’s Art journey started when she was a little girl with a passion for horses. While they didn’t have horses initially, her incessant pleading eventually prompted her grandfather to work out a deal with his horse veterinarian neighbor to house one of his ponies on his property. For this horse crazy little girl, that pony merely served as a gateway drug to years of showing and training quarter and paint horses, and drawing them when she wasn’t riding them.

Today, horses still remain a large part of her work, but her art eventually branched into the other thing she loved- farm life. Farming heritage runs deep on both sides of her family and she was fortunate to spend  countless hours spent playing and exploring on the farm. Eventually she began working right alongside them, instilling in her values of hard work, attention to detail, strong faith, a love for animals and caring for God’s creation, and an appreciation for the ways of old and the farming legacy that had been handed down from generation to generation.

Since inspiration comes from her day to day life, she is often able to snap reference photos as she simply goes about her day. The thousands of photos and videos she has taken and continues to take allows her to capture scenes, colors, and ideas. This library of images allows her to work in between busy times both daily and seasonally on the farm.

As farm life can be unpredictable and I sometimes need to step away from her work at a moments notice, she works in the dry mediums of graphite, colored pencil, and pastel. These mediums also allow her to render the intimate details and nuances of farm life accurately and authentically.


A snapshot from the truck window while driving through the cattle pasture to access a field. 

Education and Accolades


2002 BS General Studies-Concentration in Fine Art, Indiana University-East, Richmond, IN

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Cope Environmental Center, Centerville, IN (February)

Group Exhibitions

2019                                   Annual Exhibition, Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, IN

2017-2018                         CPSA ArtSpectations Online Competition

2017                                    An Equine Jubilee, The Arts Castle, Delaware, OH

2016                                    An Equine Jubilee, The Arts Castle, Delaware OH

Annual Exhibition, Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, IN

2015                                    Annual Exhibition, Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, IN

2014                                    Annual Exhibition, Richmond Art Museum, Richmond, IN



2017-18                              Honorable Mention, CPSA ArtSpectations Online Competition


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