You want artwork that speaks to you and is beautiful, but you also want the best value for your art investment. Purchase with confidence by using this guide. 



An original piece of art is exactly what it sounds like. It is the original work of art that the artist themselves created. 

Originals tend to be the highest priced of all types of arts as the artist can only sell one. The purchaser of the art can benefit however, if the artist gains more market prominance as the work will increase in value. Original art can be an excellent financial investment when purchasing from an up and coming artist or when planning on handing down heirs a one of a kind valuable. 



Prints is an art term that has become a bit vague in recent years, mainly because of the introduction of digital art, and variations in print making processes. There are many types of prints, including lithographs, giclée’s, and digital prints, just to name a few. My prints are all either digital prints or giclée’s, which are explained below.


Giclée’s are printed using high resolution, wide format inkjet printers. “Giclée” is a term coined in 1991 by Jack Duganne, a printmaker at Nash Editions. It is based on the French technical term for an inkjet nozzle, gicleur. The French verb form gicler meant to spray, spout or squirt. He chose the noun giclée, meaning “the thing that got sprayed”.  Most giclée’s are made with archival inks and surfaces, including all types of papers and canvas. They offer artists an economic solution to reproducing their artwork on a large scale, and allow collectors to purchase quality archival art prints at a lower price than labor intensive lithographs.


Digital Prints

Like giclée’s, digital prints as well as posters, are usually produced using ink jet printers, but are often smaller scale and not archival. They can be printed on many types of paper, such as watercolor, cardstock, or glossy photo paper. The difference between a print and a poster are really just the size and type of paper it is printed on. Posters are typically larger and lighter weight paper than prints. Prints and posters are the most affordable of all types of art, but because they are not archival, may not last as long or be valued as well as other forms of art reproductions.


I hope you found this information helpful to select art that is the best fit for you.

Happy Art Collecting!