Historic Metamora


11″x13.5″ Original Colored pencil

Framed size 19″x25″

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Once a thriving canal town, Metamora, Indiana has nearly become a forgotten town of the past.
Put into use in 1836, the Whitewater Canal was once the heartbeat of commerce through eastern Indiana. Spanning from Hagerstown, Indiana to Lawrenceburg, Indiana at the Ohio river, it was a thoroughfare for goods coming to and from the towns along its path. Metamora was one of those towns.
While most of the Whitewater Canal was quickly replaced by rail transportation, the section from the Laurel Feeder Dam to Brookville is the most visible section left and "was listed on listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 as the Whitewater Canal Historic District.[5] The district encompasses 1 contributing building and 31 contributing structures. They include the Metamora Roller Mill, Laurel Feeder Dam, Duck Creek Aqueduct, and Millville Lock.[7] Here the Canal Era is recreated and tourists can stroll through a nineteenth-century town." (Wikipedia)
This artwork depicts the canal and the restored boat (the Ben Franklin II) the way I envision it in an old sepia toned photograph. A single color of brown colored pencil (Faber Castell Polychromos Bistre to be exact), was used to create this piece. I was so glad I was able to attend a field trip there with my oldest son in 2019 shortly before the boat was decommissioned. I was able to take some fantastic reference photos. Unfortunately, the boat has now been let go into complete disrepair, and due to lack of funding, much of the historic elements of Metamora are no longer operable.
I have fond memories of Metamora. As a kid my mother would take us there often to shop, eat fudge and rock candy at the schoolhouse turned fudge shop, and experience life in a historic canal town.


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