Round bales of hay sitting in green field with blue sky

“Hay Day”

© Amanda Griffey 2019

My view from the tractor and baler a few years ago.

round hay bales in field with blue sky and clouds art

“When the Roll is Called up Yonder”

Amanda Griffey 2022


Since we have cattle and a feed store where we sell hay, we bale a LOT of hay. Hay work, although hectic, is one of my favorite things to help with. Especially before my boys and nephews were big enough to run equipment, it wasn’t uncommon for me and my sister in law to operate a tractor and small square baler. But my favorite part of hay season are the views from the tractor.

We have hay fields tucked in some pretty remote places. When you are on the tractor, these remote places allow for some pretty spectacular views, which most people won’t ever get to witness. Many of those views I have been able to capture with my phone. Some even get tuned into artwork. That is somewhat the case with “Hay Day”.

“Hay Day” is a combination of two references, one of a field of bales that I passed by while driving, and the other a shot I took it while shuttling my hubby to the hay field. We had already gotten some of the field baled and he was coming to get a second baler going so we could get it finished that day.

I have a few pieces that feature round bales of hay. Usually ‘hay day’s’ are beautiful summer days, with green trees, grass and blue skies. Summer is my favorite time of year and seeing bales of hay in the field are a reminder of those warm summer days and fun memories.