My Commitment to Excellence

Excellence and integrity were instilled in me at a young age. It’s why I strive to create accurate, authentic artwork depicting the scenes of farm life I love so dearly, but it’s also why I hand select every material used in the creation of all my products.
From the pencils and surfaces used to create the original artwork, to the framing materials, to the printer and paper used to make prints, and the vendors that create my other printed items, each product is judged for quality and longevity to ensure every piece you purchase from me is not only beautiful, but gives you enjoyment for years to come.

Custom Work

This same commitment to excellence ensures that I will do my very best to create custom artwork that you are happy with. While I am not a magician, I work very hard to create beautiful artwork from the your reference photos. Please remember that sometimes photos are less than ideal to be used for art reference, and will only result in subpar artwork. I may request a different, or multiple images to work with to get an accurate likeness for the piece in question. Please know that this is to ensure a final artwork that you are truly happy with and will cherish for many years.

Trade-Up or Resale Program

Down the road, you may find that your artwork no longer suits your style or taste. If you do decide that you no longer want your artwork, you may trade your original Amanda Griffey Fine Art piece of artwork in on a different piece priced at least 25% more than your original purchase price.

If you are unable to find a new piece that suits your taste, I promise to help you rehome it. No artist wants to see their artwork end up in a yard sale or second hand store. So purchase confidently knowing that at any time you may decide trade up or sell your original artwork.