The pastel and colored pencil artwork “The Ol’ 60” was created as part of a classic tractor series I was originally working on for a multi piece project. It was in the same vein as “Behind the Barn- Farmall F20”, but instead of a long forgotten tractor sitting in the weeds, “The Ol’ 60” depicts a fully restored Oliver 60. The title is a bit of a play on words; shortening the brand name of “Oliver” to “Ol’” as in “old” or “ole”.

The early Oliver tractors were bright green with yellow and red accents, so I thought it was appropriate to continue with the green and red themes in the red banked barn, green roof, and green grass background. This is the first piece I attempted to combine both pastel and colored pencil together in an artwork, using colored pencil to create all the fine details. It was also one of the first pieces I created on Pastelmat, a heavy weight paper with a unique textured cork surface. This paper is excellent for both pastel and colored pencil.

While my grandfather always had Farmall tractors, he always had a soft spot for Oliver tractors, as that was the first kind of tractor he ever got to drive. Each farm story is unique, and each farmer has a favorite “first tractor”. “The Ol’ 60” was another piece that captured an old favorite.